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7 Steps To Make Your Ecommerce App Holiday Ready!


Mobile app based marketing is here to stay! Ecommerce platforms are driving huge sales and revenues through app forms. During festive holidays, when numerous deals are on the tables, why a buyer will look for your ecommerce app to buy a product over your competitor? What unique solutions or services your ecommerce app can provide which help you to stick to the market?


With Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, the festive season is in full swing. Shoppers are now scanning everything online to find the best deals to buy to their hearts. In such an instance, you need to deck up your ecommerce app with features that will bring more ROI. Get into the trend of all new app way of shopping to tap potential customers who are busy on their smartphones. It’s the age of mobile and you cannot simply ignore the mobile-gen who makes up 40% percent of your potential customer!


Want to know what engaging factors in your ecommerce apps can boost up your sales in holidays.


1. Why You Need To Avoid Updating Your App Pages Drastically?


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Any customer who is regular to your ecommerce app will find the abrupt change a tad uncomfortable. Frequent changes in navigation,  product categories, payment gateways etc. does not accustom customers. So, make sure to drop those features from your app during hustle.


Implementation of changes should focus towards making it easier for visitors! For instance, you can prepare a holiday themed app page configuration to make it more connectable.


Some great features are discussed here to lead to towards a boosted sales during holidays:


2. Have You Considered Making Your App Load Quicker?


Ecommerce app users are no doubt more impatient than web users. If you keep users wait for eternity to load a desired page, they can abandon the transaction. Instead –


  • Choose lighter elements with “no videos” in your home page
  • Opt for minimal designing that ensure relatively quicker loading time
  • Go for professional ecommerce app development services, that understand the traffic activity and designs a superior feature-rich and light app, for your business.


3. Might Add Fun QR Code Scanning Option


QR codes can trigger customer engagement! Why QR codes are a must for your app these days?


  • QR codes makes customer interactions memorable with the app and that can be a boon to buyer-seller relationship. Visual QR codes empowers brand strength leading to better identification of business logo. This enhances ROIs.
  • You can give your potential users a reason to engage by merging QR codes in your app designing plan in holidays. Certain sales in your app should be accessed with scanning a specified QR code and that definitely adds fun to shopping experience.


Want to know how a QR code works for your ecommerce app – Find what Mark O Neil has to say on Small Biz Trends.


4. Why You Need App Optimization For Different Devices?


App optimization


Your ecommerce app need to be responsive across all screen sizes and devices. Any user, logging with a larger screen size to have a better view during holiday sale, should get satisfied with the rapport. If you lack the needed app optimization for various devices, you are going to miss out a lot on customer’s app preferences. Keep a track on the written and tested updates of your app. You need to make the overall appearance look native.


User prefer responsive up-to-date version of apps.To make your app responsive, you need to cater your app development to someone with good knowledge across varying platforms.  


Consider the advantage of highly trusted ecommerce app developer, who can take away the stress of designing a highly responsive app, for utmost compatibility.


5. How Live Chat Can Help Your Customers During Festivals?


Avoid keeping your users  in an endless loop for customer support and services. An in-built live chat option must be there to rescue. You are giving fair chance to finalize the deal by accommodating customer queries on time! Especially during festive seasons, when deals and offers become wild, customers expect a five minute solution to their queries, while working on the app.


6. Clearer Display Of Offered Items And Services- Best Way To Grab Attention!


holiday offers in apps


Attractive deals can be highlighted in your app’s home page! Users end up choosing the best displayed offers with highlighted featured details. Read on to achieve that in simple ways:


  • Prior holiday rush, take your time to optimize your ecommerce app to enhance product display with high quality images.
  • Festive themed graphics enhances user interaction, making them understand your message immediately as they land on the page.
  • “Call to action” buttons, featured in your app home page is an inevitable part. You must make it stand out from the rest with a clear message.


7. Attractive Push Notifications During Holiday Sales Through Your App


Keeping your users informed of festive sales, through push notifications is a fantastic idea. Picture notifications can be added with HTML! If your app promotes noteworthy sales in holiday themed nudge, it increases conversion rates!


In-store promotions can be highlighted using this method. If you still lack this feature, it is high time you allocate push notification, for an overwhelming festive business.


What’s Your Take?


Your hosting provider for developing ecommerce app should have the clear idea of required app updates. This is why you need to make wise investment on your ecommerce app developer. Indulging best practices will lead to better revenues.


Want to plan with an efficient strategist? The App Chicks, an award-winning mobile app developer is here for a significant increase in your revenues.



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