FBO Connect

1. The Story
2. The Challenge
3. The Solution

The Story

Monty Chicola, the brain behind FBO Connect envisioned to create an app to help pilots easily request any type of services. FBO or Fixed-Base Operator is a commercial business allowed by airports to provide services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, etc.

Monty came to The App Chicks for a native solution in iOS to be built in weeks. And guess what, they just produced something bang on.

“We were looking for something really, really simple. Something that would enable pilots to create a request for any of these services.” – Monty Chicola, owner, FBO Connect.


The Challenge

It was necessary to integrate a features to send requests to the nearest service provider for quick processing. This could have happened if there was a way for the pilot and FBO team to communicate virtually. We cracked it by –

  • Making all nearby FBOs visible to pilots
  • Simplifying the request-processing for pilots
  • All data was synced to cloud for easy future access

“Amazing app. So easy to navigate and so beautiful.”
“This app saves so much time and I love the easy navigation.”


The Solution

We analyzed the problem, and brainstormed an app that will initiate a service with few clicks and can assist a pilot in any situation/ or pull out the pilot from any dirth problem.

We emphasized on making an insightful, intuitive and lean UX. We maintained an aesthetic balance throughout the UI/UX design. We added functionalities like high interactivity, tracking pilot locations in case of emergency contacts.

The result was impressive. We developed an engaging service app for the aviation industry that made tasks easier for the pilots to handle.With the use of lean UX we made the app more interactive, easy to use, navigate and save time for the busy pilots.

Carey McLean

Carey is The App Chicks creator, technical guru, and designer. She is the queen of troubleshooting and repeatedly gets the job done in the most efficient manner. As The App Chicks lead, her cutting-edge skills transform her customers’ ideas into reality. It is her acute intuition and swift implementation that sets Carey apart from the rest.