Mobile Text Marketing is the Quickest Way to Reach Your Target Audience

Mobile Text Marketing is the Quickest Way to REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

With tablets and smartphones rising quickly into acceptance, today’s technological lifestyle is becoming increasingly fast-paced. Google engineers are now saying that the blink of an eye – or 400 milliseconds — is too long to wait, reports The New York Times. This short amount of time (400 milliseconds) causes people to lose interest and bail out of their current web search.

Since the amount of mobile device users has grown and consequently the amount of app downloads and QR scans have increased, Google is on a new crusade to become even faster than ever. Supersonic may be a better term to describe just how fast Google wants to become.

Google’s recent quest serves as a reminder that reaching your target audience in the modern world truly requires a modern approach – a mobile approach.

By including mobile text marketing (SMS text messaging) into your marketing strategy, you can be comfortable knowing you are obtaining your audience’s undivided attention. Here are 4 mobile text marketing tips to help you create the perfect campaign for the easily distracted, quick-to-move-on consumer:

  • Keep your text messages short and sweet. Get to the point in a clear, concise way and know that your audience does not want to be bombarded with text messages that hold no value. Know your audience.
  • Minimize space by using abbreviations and acronyms with words like “4” instead of “four” and “TY instead of “thank you” whenever possible.
  • Test your mobile messages and links before sending them out to customers. This is very important to do before every mass text.
  • Be open to new strategies. The best way to be sure that your mobile text marketing campaigns stay effective is to open your eyes to new ways text marketing can be successful. You will gain a lot of insight from organizations like the Direct Marketing Association and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). These reputable associations publish priceless marketing campaign information for your business.

There are no speed limits on this digital highway. We live in a technological society where fast is not fast enough and patience is simply not necessary. So, make sure your audience does not pass you by in less than a second. The App Chicks recommend mobile text marketing and remind you that while they can help you, it’s ultimately up to you to make your text messages compelling and effective.

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