The App Chicks’ 5 Tips & Best Practices for Building Premium Mobile Websites for Your Business

The App Chick’s 5 TIPS & BEST Practices for Building Premium Mobile Websites for YOUR Business

It is always a pleasure creating unique mobile solutions that  really work for our clients’ small businesses. Our most recent customer experiences have helped us acquire precious insights into the things that work best when developing premium mobile websites. Below is a list of tips and best practices that we take into consideration when building premium mobile websites  for our customers in a variety of industries. By using these tips and best practices, it helps us design and style an optimized premium mobile website that your clients are certain to love when they are searching for your products and services!

1. KISS – Keep It Short and Sweet

Your premium mobile website should be much easier to use. It should incorporate a smaller amount of information than your desktop website. Eliminating unnecessary graphic components from your website is typically an effective way to optimize its display on a mobile device. Keep it Short and Sweet and give your users what they want, quickly and easily! Our research indicates that the leading 4 things mobile web users are seeking on your mobile site is your…

  1. Phone number
  2. Hours of Operation
  3. Quote/Discounts/Offers
  4. Company Location

2. Give users the option for going to the conventional website

It’s always best practice that we hyperlink your mobile website to your desktop website to provide the end-user a choice of which website they prefer to browse. This can be effortlessly achieved when The App Chicks display the “Switch to Desktop” hyperlink in the footer of your mobile site.

3. Utilize a distinct mobile theme Mobile Website App for Hads Steak & Seafood

Often we have seen that our clients believe they must attempt to duplicate their desktop website. In many instances this is simply not always the most effective approach to consider. In reality, the opposite holds true. We have observed that the very best premium mobile websites are those that take very best elements from your desktop websites and transform them to work on mobile. Don’t worry – we utilize your current logos and color schemes keep your brand in tact on your mobile website.

4. Limit the utilization of images

It’s always imperative that we use only the images your mobile website would need, to get its message across. Logos, backgrounds, and icons are an exception, but we attempt to avoid using images as space filler, as more often than not these images will not display the way you think they are going to on a mobile website. We always keep under consideration the image file sizes as we like to make sure we never use large images that could slow down your premium mobile website.

5. Incorporate only the useful content from your desktop

Yet another frequent oversight is to “overpopulate” a mobile website with the exact same content as shown on your desktop website. In some instances, this can be included as per our clients request but typically we are take the essential pieces of information that will effectively get your message across clearly to your customers.

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Carey McLean

Carey is The App Chicks creator, technical guru, and designer. She is the queen of troubleshooting and repeatedly gets the job done in the most efficient manner. As The App Chicks lead, her cutting-edge skills transform her customers’ ideas into reality. It is her acute intuition and swift implementation that sets Carey apart from the rest.

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