YES, Building Customer Loyalty is Your Top Priority

To Get More Customers, Get Them Coming Back

Customer loyalty is crucial to any small business. Building true customer loyalty should be top priority. If you own a restaurant, bar, night club, tanning salon, retail store, golf course, car wash, auto repair shop, hair salon, or any business where people want to visit often…you know you need to build customer loyalty.


You may be thinking technology is the answer, and you are right, but which digital avenue should you choose to promote loyalty? There are far too many options and not enough time. And, quite frankly, you do not need them all.

eMarketer has stated that companies should not rely on Facebook for customer loyalty. Many people like companies on facebook, but they continue to shop where it is convenient for them.

Social media is great, don’t get us wrong! But there is ONE solution that seriously builds brand loyalty. It used to be punch cards. Many businesses, like coffee shops for example, have punch cards so that their customers will be inspired to return to their coffee establishment to perk up. Owners hope they use the cards because they believe customers look forward to earning a free coffee or muffin on the 11th visit. This is one type of loyalty program and it has its advantages. But, where do patrons store that punch card? Yes, in their wallets usually. So, really, what businesses hope their think is, “I want coffee and I have a punch card to the place down the street, so I’ll go there.” Imagine, however, a customer is getting ready for work and she receives a nudge from the coffee shop promoting a special on coffees. This is what a customer might think, “Ooooh, I wasn’t really considering having a coffee until now. I am TIRED! I’ll get my coworker one as well.”

Businesses should develop enticing offers that keep their customers returning month after month, year after year.

SO HOW DO BUSINESSES NUDGE THEIR CUSTOMERS TO GAIN LOYALTY? –> With text message marketing, a mobile rewards program through The App Chicks.

How many people do you see holding their punch cards everywhere? And how many you see with smartphones? Exactly. The coffee customer who was nudged that morning actually received a text along with hundreds of other customers. What’s awesome about this program is that the people who receive texts are people who OPTED into the program on their own free will. At any time, these customers may opt out with one touch of the finger. What is also awesome is that it is difficult to ignore a text message, and that means people will think about your business because you nudged them.

Businesses can literally turn text messages into loyalty reward programs. They can do this by defining a customer reward and them selects how many points a consumers needs to earn in order to redeem their reward. Business can text their customers to come in and scan a QR code for reward points and discounts. Businesses can also text a message to customers stating “For 20% off the month of December, reply to this text with the code 20DEC. We will reply with a special coupon since you are a loyal customer!” What a great way to track how well people are receiving your text messages! In the App Chicks platform, you will simply log in and look to see how many people responded! EASY!

With the mobile marketing solutions we have now, businesses are in a great place! Businesses can create customer loyalty through a mobile rewards program AND see how well it’s working through The App Chicks tracking system!

By giving businesses more control of approving and denying points in real-time, Trumpia’s Mobile Rewards Program technology can add an extra level of security around the old punch card system that simply didn’t exist before. Now a business can build customer loyalty and channel those rewards to the customers that really are adding value with their repeat purchasing activity – time and time again.

Carey McLean

Carey is The App Chicks creator, technical guru, and designer. She is the queen of troubleshooting and repeatedly gets the job done in the most efficient manner. As The App Chicks lead, her cutting-edge skills transform her customers’ ideas into reality. It is her acute intuition and swift implementation that sets Carey apart from the rest.

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