8 Things Taxi App Development Companies Like Uber Can Teach You



Uber was founded just 7 years ago. Just 7 years! Feels like it’s always been there, doesn’t it? Uber took a broader view of what a taxi app development service should be like, and in 7 years, it completely reimagined the whole experience. It gave people a seamless system and a great level of freedom. Basically, it turned the radio cabs industry on its head.


Uber taxi service didn’t do all that by offering more training to drivers or having great cars. Uber did all these by addressing the issues that were plaguing the analog cab service experience. And also, the company did it by embedding itself into all its users’ lives.


So what can YOU learn from Uber?


1. Making It A Habit (For Your Users)


All Uber users will agree on the fact that using Uber has become a habit for them. The taxi app development solution has made it possible through an unparalleled user experience. The experience of using Uber is so good that you’ll probably never want to go back to using an analog cab service again.


2. Easy Onboarding


If you look closely, you’ll notice that every step of user onboarding is incredibly easy and quick. For instance, users just have to hold their credit/debit card in front of the phone camera and Uber reads and inputs all the information smoothly. This degree of easy onboarding process makes it extremely quick and completely painless for the user.


3. Incentives


A very clever and strategic use of incentives is definitely one of the biggest factors behind Uber’s growth. This extremely imaginative company can teach you a thing or two about using incentives to turn customers into loyal customers and then into effective salespeople. The great thing about this is that it keeps adding more credit to a user’s account whenever someone uses their code to book a ride. And guess what? The process of referral in Uber is extremely easy!


4. Simple and Intuitive UI


The home screen of the Uber taxi service app shows a map with the user’s location at the center. Available cabs roam around it and the entire reservation process takes place on the home screen itself. Everything here is so seamless and simple that even a first-time user will have no problem using it and will even feel in control. Everything from the use of color to the placement of elements is done so strategically that the most important parts are impossible to miss.


5. Giving Users The Least Possible Amount Of Work To Do


Uber has stripped the booking process to its bare essentials and voila! It hit all the right notes! All you have to do is set pickup location, choose vehicle type and request the driver. Three steps and you’re done. On wearables, this comes down to just one single interaction. Booking a cab doesn’t get any easier than this.





6. Actionable Notifications In Simple English


The taxi app development solution sends notifications about things that are absolutely integral to the booking experience and must be immediately acted upon. The first notification comes right after you book the cab. The second one comes when the driver is closer so that you could get ready to hop in the car the moment it arrives. These notifications eliminate the need for you to check the app to find out information. The first notification also displays the name and phone number of the driver so that you can get in touch with them immediately. All the information you need is right there, letting you be in control of the situation.


7. Continuously Improving Your UX Through Data-driven Insights


Using real-time analytics, Uber provides you with fare estimates, driver location, and estimated time of arrival. Using the same real-time analytics, the app alerts drivers about the areas where there is high demand for cabs at the time. It reduces users’ waiting time by alerting drivers and ensuring that drivers are available. Using past data, the Uber taxi service app can anticipate when there can be a shortage of drivers and then take steps to boost the supply of drivers.


8. Going Global (Despite Controversies) And Making Life Simpler For Millions


We all know that Uber is no stranger to controversy. But what has risen from those controversies like a phoenix from the ashes is Uber’s ability to align itself with its users’ needs on a grassroots level. With a global expansion team that works hyper-locally, the taxi app development solution taps into the customer psyche wonderfully and consistently.


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To Wrap Things Up.


Uber is never afraid to have fun with what they can deliver. It never takes itself too seriously. This creates a powerful, compelling personality for the company and that’s what makes it so likable. It shows you that sometimes it’s OK to be bold to offer a delightful experience to your customers.


What is your take on this? How would you describe Uber’s ingenuity? We’re all ears. Call us on Skype or send a mail to business@theappchicks.com You can even drop by our Sacramento office if you prefer a face-to-face conversation about how Uber changed radio cabs forever.




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